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The Graceful Revolution


w/ Dr. Melissa Bird

February 10, 2019; 12:30 – 2:00pm
$20/ person

Location: Old Town Center for the Arts, Studio B
633 N. 5th Street, Cottonwood, AZ
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The Graceful Revolution workshop is all about attending to your inner voice and listening to your intuition so you can make intentional change in your community.

In this workshop we will explore questions like:
  • How do you feel about what is happening in your community and the nation?
  • Who can you connect with about how you feel?
  • What can you create that will change the way things are right now?
  • How can you take action with the people you are connected with?
Dr. Bird is an expert in helping people gain confidence and clarity so that we can all be the change we wish to see in the world.
Dr. Bird brings to Cottonwood, AZ her new brand of advocacy where she talks about humbling ourselves to our shortcomings so that we can engage in acts of graceful revolution that bring light to the true reality of people’s lives. Through storytelling and conversation, Dr. Bird will walk us through how to engage people in their own spaces, teach participants to look at injustices as moments that touch their own lives, and how we can learn the power structure in our communities. She will give the audience the tools to infiltrate the membrane of power so that change can take place in America.
As a writer, professor, life coach, and fiery public speaker, Dr. Melissa Bird creates the genesis for a new brand of leadership.

When she’s not building her public speaking Empire, she can be found reading trashy novels, drinking fine whiskey, playing mom to three delicious humans, and loving her punk rock scientist James Thomas Kelly.

Get her FREE handbook 5 Can’t-Miss Steps to Finding Your Voice and learn how to awaken your inner revolutionary trailblazer and engage in the quest for justice. You can also connect with Missy at birdgirlindustries.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @birdgirl1001.

Join us for the Graceful Revolution.  Click HERE to Register Online

Location: Old Town Center for the Arts - 633 N 5th St, Cottonwood, Arizona 86326 United States
Admission: $ 20.00

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